Oct 19, 2009

Quick rundown on acronyms

CO2 = Carbon Dioxide - odourless colourless gas that you breathe out all day long, known absorb and emits infrared radiation at wavelengths of 4.26 µm and 14.99 µm.

ETS = Emissions Trading Scheme - generic term used for a system that allows for some form of trading of CO2 credits or permits.

CPRS = Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme - the dishonest name given by the Rudd government to its legislation to create an ETS. The name is dishonest because its about CO2, not Carbon in general, and more importantly, because CO2 isn't actually pollution. But calling it pollution works well politically.

AGW = Anthropogenic Global Warming - the current predominant scientific opinion (*NOT consensus) that human actions (mostly emitting CO2) are directly responsible for increased average world temperatures during the 20th century.

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